Rent Collection & Financial Management
Tenants pay their rent via standing order directly to the ACRES PM account.  This ensures prompt transfer of the rent minus property management fees to the landlord’s bank account. Our team prepares financial statements on a monthly basis and remitting the balance to landlords using best-in-class Lettings Management Software.

ACRES PM conducts quarterly property inspections to ensure compliance with the contract, and the safe-keeping of your property. We present to the landlord an inspection report of the property condition for the landlords records, together with an end of year report outlining any damage to the property during the tenancy.

ACRES PM provide a detailed inventory report upon instruction. This details any and all furniture and fittings included within the lease agreement. This minimises end-of-tenancy property condition disputes, and ensures your peace of mind.

Frontline Service
As a property management provider we act as the first point of contact with the tenant on all issues, from inception through to completion. ACRES PM provides a hands-on service that covers emergencies, dispute resolution and a quality of life for both tenant and landlord, ensuring a smooth relationship throughout the lifetime of a lease.

ACRES PM provides a 24 hour emergency contact number to all tenants. ACRES PM maintain comprehensive records of maintenance and tradesmen invoices, which are provided to landlords when works are required. Our vetting process for third party contractors is designed to ensure that only the best hands service your property.

Year End Accounts
ACRES PM prepares  monthly landlord financial statements and transferring funds to landlords accounts. This includes end of year tax returns statements and invoices to ensure your portfolio is tax compliant throughout. Online access is provided for easy to download statements, when required.


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